AIPIO ( is the peak representative body for intelligence practitioners in Australia. Our goal is to establish and promote intelligence as a widely recognised profession in Australia, and our membership is drawn from a wide range of fields including government, national security, the armed forces, law enforcement, business, academia, the media, information technology and information service providers.

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Looking Ahead to Intelligence 2018 

By Gill Wilson, Vice-President, AIPIO

Planning is underway for Intelligence 2018, which will be held at the QT Hotel in Canberra from 21-23 August 2018. Dorothy Seidel Hooke has kindly agreed to join me as Co-Convenor for Intelligence 2018. The theme for Intelligence 2018 is ‘Integrated Intelligence: working together better’, and within that theme we will explore the sub-themes of collaboration, technology, and capability.  

Integrated Intelligence

Intelligence professionals make their living drawing actionable insights from sketchy data, but the growing velocity, volume, variety, and complexity of this data demands more than the popular view of intelligence as solo operators, siloed functions, and exclusive organisations. To be successful, modern intelligence professionals must rely on ‘outsiders’ – business, academe, and public sector institutions – tightly integrated for alignment, complementarity, and synergy. AIPIO – as a critical change agent in the intelligence profession – stands ready to engage, support, advise, and partner to advance this goal of ‘integrated intelligence’.  We believe advancing this goal requires measured investment in collaboration, technology, and capability.

The conference program will incorporate subthemes including:


Collaboration ensures that intelligence professionals working as a ‘community’ can achieve more than the sum of their individual efforts. Collaboration may be technologically-enabled but generates power by leveraging the fundamentally human nature of intelligence work. Collaboration across intelligence problems, domains, and agencies stimulates the development of quality intelligence products and services through sharing good practices, resources, and expertise while minimising duplication of effort and conflict.


Technology, as a powerful enabling instrument, may be both a boon and a bane.  Building on the technology enablement theme of previous AIPIO national events, we will explore how the intelligence function can anticipate and make the best use of emerging and future technological advancements. We also recognise that nimble and well-resourced adversaries may use these technological advancements as means of attack or to otherwise support the achievement of their ends.


Capability emerges from an ‘integrated intelligence’ approach. Capability gives us the potential to shape our operating environments, and the agility to pivot towards new and emerging threats in a timely and effective manner. Capability development requires foresight, discipline and commitment - which also may challenge our established ways of working - as we confront the tides of change. Capability development is an investment in our future wellbeing as individual intelligence professionals as an intelligence community.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities for Intelligence 2018 are currently being finalised. If you are interested in receiving a copy of the Sponsor & Exhibitor Prospectus please contact Conference Organiser, Sue Ryman-Kiernan for further details:

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Key Dates:


Intelligence 2018

21-23 August 2018