AIPIO ( is the peak representative body for intelligence practitioners in Australia. Our goal is to establish and promote intelligence as a widely recognised profession in Australia, and our membership is drawn from a wide range of fields including government, national security, the armed forces, law enforcement, business, academia, the media, information technology and information service providers.

An Emerging Intelligence Enterprise

The theme for Intelligence 2019 is ‘An Emerging Intelligence Enterprise’, and within that theme we will explore the sub-themes of Capability Planning, Organisational Development and Analytic Rigour.

The changing nature of today’s intelligence demands greater connectivity and collaboration both between agencies and across jurisdictional boundaries. We need to move beyond our traditional conception of an ‘intelligence community’ to a national ‘intelligence enterprise’ that better integrates areas of individual agency excellence into strengthened collective performance.

This community will include sectoral partners from within banking, insurance, regulatory, alongside other business industries and technology partners, to effectively leverage change and identify opportunities for collaboration. Strategic level management of intelligence as a national enterprise requires transformative change, which pursues both efficiency and effectiveness gains. Intelligence 2019 will explore an emerging national intelligence enterprise in Australia, especially what it will mean for capability planning, workforce development, and analytic rigour.

Capability Planning

Capability planning is an essential part of an integrated intelligence approach. The changing nature of intelligence will demand greater innovation, both within and between agencies across jurisdictional boundaries, as well as fostering engagement with non-traditional partners.

Effective planning will require a flexible and agile approach, which challenges current ways of working, which often include lengthy procurement practices and deadlines. Shared agency capability, including public-private partnerships will be critical in terms of providing a solid platform for investment within the intelligence community.

Organisational Development

Ensuring the 21st intelligence workforce is ‘future ready’ will require a reassessment of traditional notions of workplace competencies. How should a balance be achieved between essential tradecraft requirements and analytic rigour, whilst ensuring diversity, gender and cultural representation? How will the push towards a national ‘intelligence enterprise’ work in practice alongside a future workforce with differing requirements and expectations?

To ensure our future wellbeing as individual intelligence professionals within a dynamic intelligence community, trust in the ability of an enterprise solution to maintain sound and ethical decision making will be essential.

Analytic Rigour

Building on the success of last year’s theme, we will explore how the intelligence function can continue to leverage opportunities for enhancement through engagement with experts from a variety of disciplines. Effective use of emerging and future technological advancements in ‘big data’ and collaborative analysis, will further enhance advances in analytic techniques and tradecraft within the intelligence community.

A continued investment in analytic rigour, will also facilitate greater contestability as we move to a national ‘intelligence enterprise’, that seeks to better integrate for a strengthened collective performance.

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