Dr John Moss AIM

Deputy CEO Intelligence

John MossDr Moss is currently the Deputy CEO Intelligence in AUSTRAC – Australia’s financial intelligence unit and anti-money laundering/counter-terrorism financing regulator. The role provides senior leadership in AUSTRAC and Dr Moss is responsible for AUSTRAC’s intelligence capability, operational engagement, strategic risk assessments and international operations. Dr Moss is the co-chair of the regional Financial Intelligence Consultative Group and Pacific Financial Intelligence Committee, and chairs the Fintel Alliance Executive Board.

Prior to his current role, Dr Moss served at AUSTRAC as Deputy CEO Capability and Strategy (COO) and National Manager Intelligence Operations, where he led development and delivery of contemporary intelligence capabilities suitable for current and future AML/CTF environments – such as specialised tradecraft, advanced analysis and data tools, edge technologies, public-private partnerships, and enhanced domestic and international networks to enable improved operational outcomes.

Dr John Moss has over 25 years’ experience in intelligence and security-related positions in New Zealand and Australia. He has worked across state and Commonwealth agencies in operations and intelligence leadership positions, with an emphasis on national security and law enforcement including associated private sector, security, border, regulatory and revenue agency collaboration. This has included senior executive leadership positions with the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) and AUSTRAC with a focus on business transformation and operational delivery.

Dr Moss has a Doctorate of Philosophy and other postgraduate qualifications including a Master of Defence Studies, Master of Letters, Graduate Certificate of Asian Studies and Graduate Certificate in Organised Crime and Corruption Investigations.


GUEST Speakers

Katrina Harrison

Dept of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

Kat HarrisonKat Harrison has worked as an Analyst and Policy Adviser for 15 years across several Victorian Government departments, with a focus on emergency management, law enforcement and the regulatory sector. Since 2017, Kat has simultaneously managed the intelligence functions of the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning and Parks Victoria.

Kat has a Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice and a Masters in Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism. She has been a member of AIPIO since 2014 and is passionate about promoting and improving professionalism within the Intelligence industry.


Michael Hickey MAIPIO

Director, Compliance & Enforcement
Victorian Building Authority (VBA)

Michael HickeyMichael is Director, Compliance & Enforcement at the Victorian Building Authority (VBA), Victoria’s regulator of the building and plumbing industry, where he has held various compliance and enforcement related roles over a period of more than 13 years.

Michael is responsible for leading the Practitioner Intelligence Team, Complaints Team, Investigations Team, Practitioner Discipline Team and the collection and audit of Victoria’s statutory building activity data and building permit levies. In 2014, he was tasked with establishing the organisation's new Practitioner Intelligence Team. Today, it is central to the industry regulator's compliance activities, with a growing reliance on data, analysis and generation of actionable insights to address regulatory risk and inform enforcement activities, organisational decision making and support the achievement of strategic outcomes.

Before relocating to Australia, Michael had a varied past in the UK, primarily as an Analyst in the private sector and Data Manager in national projects at the Department of Health (UK), along with a stint in the dot com boom in London, during the late 1990s and website development in the not-for-profit sector.

Michael has completed the ANACAPA Criminal Intelligence Analysis course, in addition to possessing a master’s degree in Intelligence Analysis (Charles Sturt University, Australia), master’s degree in Computer Science (Newcastle University, UK) and a Post Graduate Certificate in Internal Auditing (Institute of Internal Auditors, Australia).


Paul Jevtovic APM OAM

CFO, Crime Risk & Group MLRO

National Australia Bank

Paul JevtovicPaul Jevtovic has enjoyed a long career serving our nation in national and international law enforcement, national intelligence, anti-corruption and as CEO of AUSTRAC – Australia’s AML/CTF regulator and national financial intelligence unit. Paul recently joined NAB in September 2021 as the Chief Financial Crime Risk Officer & Group MLRO.

Prior to joining NAB, at HSBC and based in Hong Kong, Paul was responsible for establishing and leading a new capability that would oversee financial crime and threat mitigation across 19 markets in Asia Pacific. Throughout this time, Paul would assume responsibility for leading a complex portfolio of capabilities across the first and second lines of defence including Investigations, Financial Crime analysis, AML/CTF, AB&C, Fraud, Sanctions, Risk Assessment & Operational Analytics and Transaction Monitoring.

Paul has been recognized for his services to Australia with the Australian Police Medal (for services to international policing) and the Order of Australia (for his services to anti money laundering and regulation). Paul was born and raised in Melbourne/Ballarat and has been happily married to his wonderful wife Libby for 37 years. He has been blessed with three adult children of whom he is immensely proud. More recently he would say that his ‘world changed’ with the births of his two beautiful grandsons whom he simply adores. Family is the centre of Paul’s universe!

Paul is a keen student of leadership and people and enjoys reading autobiographies and science fiction. Paul has played and coached football most of his life and continues to enjoy a daily running and exercise routine. He is a proud ‘Shin Boner’ (Kangaroos for those too young to know) and relaxes watching a wide variety of sports with friends and family.      


Neil Quarmby

CEO and Founder
Intelligence Rising

Neil QuarmbyNeil’s career extends across 21 years in military intelligence, five years in law enforcement and over thirteen years leading three government regulators in the sectors of: health services, human/social services, and workplace safety.  Neil was most recently the NSW Registrar of Community Housing which is a statutory appointment reporting to government on the suitability and performance of companies to manage risks associated with the provision of shelter to our most disadvantaged. Neil is the Chief Executive of Intelligence Rising – a consulting and online training company for intelligence and compliance professionals.

Neil has lived experience in building better-practice regulatory outcomes, has independently reviewed regulators’ performance, and has provided international consulting services for many government organisations seeking to improve their intelligence and decision-making capability. He has also published two authoritative texts on intelligence and regulation. His company provides skills based and introductory courses for intelligence, regulation, compliance, and enforcement officers and managers.


Brett Turner

Charles Sturt University

Brett TurnerBrett is currently employed as an Intelligence Officer within a NSW government regulator and is responsible for establishing a bespoke intelligence capability for a targeted, state-wide compliance operation. Brett has over 10 years experience working in both intelligence and investigation roles in both the private and public sectors and has recently completed a Master of Intelligence Analysis at Charles Sturt University. Brett's research includes a review of several structured analytic techniques with an aim of identifying ways that traditional intelligence analysis processes can be applied to large scale government investigations. 



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