Looking to get into the intelligence field and don't know where to start? Want to know more about the differences in duties for intelligence professionals in different intelligence domains? Or perhaps you are a seasoned professional who recognises the importance of reviewing and mastering fundamentals of your craft? 

If this sounds like you, then the specialist skills building sessions at this year's AIPIO conference are for you!

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Wednesday 23 February 2022

Time ACDTSession
15.00 - 16.30 Digby Howis, South Australia Police
How to think like an Intelligence Analyst

 Thursday 24 February 2022

Time ACDTSession
08.00 - 08.40 Panel
A day in the life of an intelligence officer: Business, Criminal, Regulatory and Security sectors

 Friday 25 February 2022

Time ACDTSession
08.00 - 08.40 Joshua Sprlyan, Green Door Intelligence and Security
Tips for seeking employment within the intelligence field

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Digby Howis

Manager, Crime Stoppers Section
State Intelligence Branch, South Australia Police

Digby HowisI joined South Australia Police in November 2002, serving frontline patrols in the Metropolitan Adelaide area.
I was offered a short term secondment in 2005 to a local intelligence section where I received my first exposure to intelligence processes, practices and procedures. I had an excellent Intelligence Manager in Adelaide who mentored me and cultivated a passion for the intelligence discipline. This was a formative time for me within the intelligence discipline.

I have worked as a Field Intelligence Officer (FIO) at the State Intelligence Branch (SIB) focusing on organised criminal activity and also worked as an FIO in SAPOL’s Security Intelligence Section, working in partnership with State and Commonwealth agencies with the responsibility for matters pertaining to terrorism, intercommunal violence, politically motivated violence, dignitary protection and critical infrastructure.  

I have spent multiple years working within SAPOL intelligence projects, first in 2008 reviewing and implementing SAPOL’s Intelligence Business Process, which ultimately launched a revised intelligence framework across the whole organisation in 2009. After implementation, I joined the intelligence training team responsible for training police and civilians in these new intelligence concepts, principles and practices. I have developed training and curriculum documents as an Intelligence Trainer and delivered training on intelligence techniques, analytical methods, critical and lateral thinking and structured analytical techniques. I have taught on ANZCTC courses as well as participated as exercise control for table top exercises.

In 2014, I served in the Joint Intelligence Group in Brisbane for the G20, and in 2015, published an AIPIO Journal paper titled ‘A systems thinking approach to threat assessment’.
From 2016-2019, I worked in SAPOL Performance and Governance area, and returned to Intelligence Training in 2019. Since returning to Intelligence Training, I have assisted with the development and implementation of another intelligence review, launching the new South Australia Police intelligence Framework. I hold a Post Graduate Diploma in Intelligence Analysis from CSU and in June 2021, I became the Manager of Crime Stoppers Section with the State Intelligence Branch.


Joshua Sprlyan

Green Door Intelligence and Security

Joshua SprlyanJosh spent over 15 years in the Australian Defence Force, serving in infantry and intelligence units. He has deployed to multiple locations globally, and served in the Army’s Special Operations Command. Upon leaving the ADF, Josh worked in the Home Affairs Intelligence Division, supporting the Australian Border Force and assisting in the establishment of the Australian Border Operations Centre, the 24/7 watch floor for ABF operations. Josh then entered the private sector to work in veterans recruitment, before establishing Green Door Intelligence and Security, a Canberra based consulting and professional services recruiting company. He has also written several books, including a fictional action series about a former military intelligence soldier.