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The intelligence enterprise depends on the combined skills of its workforce to achieve effective results. Every intelligence professional requires a specific skill set which sets the tone for their intelligence career. How intelligence professionals master each individual skill can influence their journey through Intelligence. In a rapidly changing world, the ability to remain relevant and current has never been more important. Intelligence Professionals for the 21st Century provides a results-focused workforce, which encompasses diverse global perspectives, a broad range of skills and capabilities. Agility and adaptability are crucial in ensuring the success of intelligence professionals.

So, ask yourself: How do intelligence professionals master each individual skill? How can these skills determine their journey through Intelligence? Have you got what it takes to master these skills? Come to the Skills Building Sessions to see where you can improve, where your strengths are, and where an intelligence career could lead you.

Day One

Times are listed here in Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT).

Time AEDTSession
07.00 - 07.20 Emerging Trends in the National Intelligence Enterprise
Dr Phil Kowalick
07.25 - 08.10 Breaking Into The Profession
Keys For Standing Out In Job Applications
Common Mistakes Graduates Make
Beulah Davies, AIPIO
08.15 - 08.45 A Day in the Life of an Intelligence Officer
Jean-Pierre Grenade,
Manager, Practitioner Intelligence & Levy, Compliance and Enforcement
Victorian Building Authority
Samantha Cameron
Intelligence Analyst, Professional Practice,
Queensland Corrective Services
Felicity Le
Locations Officer (Investigative Role)
Risk and Security Management

Day Two

Times are listed here in Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT).

Time AEDTSession
07.00 - 07.05 Welcome
07.10 - 07.50 Intelligence Writing Workshop
Writing Effective Intelligence Products
Neil Quarmby, Intelligence Rising
07.55 - 08.35 Analytical Tools Workshop
Placing Structured Analytical Techniques in the Analytic Process
Randy Pherson, Globalytica
08.40 - 08.55 How Can AIPIO Advance Your Intelligence Career?
Samantha Rush